We have two styles of arms and blades to choose from:

Straight Shaft:


Our straight shaft arms and blades are adjustable in length up to 15 inches from the mounting to the tip of the blade. Choose these arms for the longest length or if you think you might use a billet arm in the future.


Two sizes are available:

10″ to 12″ from mounting to tip of blade

12″ to 15″ from mounting to tip of blade

“Repro” Style for Taper Shaft Motors:


Our taper shaft arms and blades have a very delicate, original look, and CAN be readily shortened to very short lengths if necessary. These arms are the best choice for most people. The blade mount is the “hook and saddle” style. It is highly flexible to allow the straight blade to squeegee the glass.

Two sizes are available:

10 1/4″ from mounting to tip of blade

12 1/4″ from mounting to tip of blade


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